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At the Academy of Creative Thinking, Inc., we prepare students by developing their ability to the fullest extent in an environment that fosters academic excellence, creativity, and character development.  Our teachers perform at the highest professional standards, are treated with respect, and continue to develop as life-long learners.  We serve our community by striving for excellence in integrity, quality and customer service.    



The vision of the Academy of Creative Thinking, Inc. is to work in partnership with families and the community to develop the physical, social, emotional, and academic needs of our children.  Guided by our belief in a caring, supportive, multicultural environment, our teachers will provide the children with a broad range of educational opportunities to prepare them for success in school.



At the Academy of Creative Thinking, Inc., "Every child is a unique person, with their own interests, learning style, growth timetable, and culture. When given the time, space, and opportunity to interact in a meaningful environment, a child can construct new ideas and link them to existing knowledge."


We know that each and every child learns differently. We also know that children learn by applying new knowledge and experiences to their existing knowledge. Our philosophy is to act as facilitators in a child's effort to learn and grow by allowing and sharing with them the time, resources, and experiences needed to construct knowledge.



At the Academy of Creative Thinking, Inc. we use the Kinderplans curriculum which covers math, literacy, and science, along with an Emergent Readers program that builds upon the children’s needs and interests.  It is an age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on the individual needs of children. The adaptability of our curriculum allows us to accommodate children’s ever-changing needs and teach them based on their current pace and potential.

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